10th International Conference on Health Informatics

I presented a paper at the 10th International Conference on Health Informatics in Porto Portugal, Feb 21-23, 2017. HealthInf is part of BIOSTEC.

The paper I presented was on the use of git submodules as a data security solution for collaborative reproducible reporting. The focus was on using third party hosting services and open source software to minimize financial commitments and relying on institutional firewalls to limit access data submodules.

Title: “Collaborative Reproducible Reporting: Git Submodules as a Data Security Solution,”

Authors: Peter E. DeWitt and Tellen D. Bennett,

Abstract: Sensitive data and collaborative projects pose challenges for reproducible computational research. We present a workflow based on literate programming and distributed version control to produce well-documented and dynamic documents collaboratively authored by a team composed of members with varying data access privileges. Data are stored on secure institutional network drives and incorporated into projects using a feature of the Git version control system: submodules. Code to analyze data and write text is managed on public collaborative development environments. This workflow supports collaborative authorship while simultaneously protecting sensitive data. The workflow is designed to be inexpensive and is implemented primarily with a variety of free and open-source software. Work products can be abstracts, manuscripts, posters, slide decks, grant applications, or other documents. This approach is adaptable to teams of varying size in other collaborative situations.

The paper itself will be published online as part of the BIOSTEC 2017 Proceedings, at Scitepress.

The conference was wonderful. Great keynotes talks. For me, as a bio-statistician, it was great to see other aspects of bio-informatics, sensing, image analysis, process analysis, and translational research.

I also enjoyed visiting the city or Porto. Great wineries, food, and views on the river front. A must visit.

Dom Luis I Bridge